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Inadequate (Kai x Lloyd)
Lloyd woke up to see a pyjama-covered chest before his eyes. The darkness of the night still surrounded him, but the weariness of sleep cleared away enough for him to remember where he was. The dark red blankets indicated he had fallen asleep in Kai's bed. He guessed it was sometime after they had their celebration of winning against Chen and his Anacondrai army aboard the new Destiny's Bounty. He wondered if he was carried into Kai's room on purpose, or if he was simply too lazy to walk an extra five feet to get into his own.
Pulling away from his sweaty chest, he saw Kai's still-sleeping face, mouth slightly open, a thin trail of drool running from one corner of his mouth. Lloyd smiled sleepily, wiping the drool away with his thumb.
He never thought someone so dangerous would look so silly.
Lloyd had not forgotten Kai's actions during their time on Chen's island, from his tricking Lloyd into fighting Chen, to revealing he was only pulling an act to get close to the staff...
Lloyd shi
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 7 5
All Ends Well (Morro x Lloyd)
He had only been back in Ninjago for two weeks, and Morro was still terrified of meeting the Ninja. Sure, he had given them some useful information during the Day of the Departed, and Wu certainly had no qualms with him, but he knew they all still harboured some grudges towards him. Of course, Morro couldn't blame them; even he struggled to forgive himself for what he had done to them, especially to Lloyd.
When his spirit left its respective statue at Ninjago City's museum, he did not return to the Departed Realm. Rather, he held his consciousness and used his powers over wind long enough to propel himself to the rift opened by Master Yang. The effort took more out of him than he cared to admit, and he was certain the high winds he created had caused some issues for the Ninja, but at the time he was happy to be truly alive.
He hid himself away for the next couple of weeks, living off scraps in dumpsters and finding shelter in abandoned houses, until he realized he was essentially livin
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 6 4
Wrong Or Right (Karlof x Cole)
Cole couldn't put his finger on it, but something strange was going on with Karlof. Though he was aware that Karlof was pretty much always odd, he was particularly concerned with his behaviour this time around. He was avoiding Cole every chance he had, and considering all they could do while being imprisoned by Chen was work together, that was saying a lot. He wouldn't talk to him unless it was necessary, and if their hands accidentally touched Karlof would recoil as if Cole had burned him.
Though he wanted to be able to get to the bottom of the issue, it was nearly impossible with how often the guards came around to check on them. It seemed as if every hour there was a new shift, with double the amount of guards in each one.
Luckily, the work shift was almost over, and despite their breaks only being about five to ten minutes long, it would be long enough for Cole to talk to Karlof.
In the meantime, Cole thought out his course of action. He would tell Karlof he has to talk to him priv
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Mechanical Love (Nya x PIXAL)
Nya brushed yet another strand of greasy hair out of her face, yawning loudly as she made the finishing touches on PIXAL's new body. How long had it been since she showered? For that matter, how long had it been since she slept? It didn't exactly matter to her at that point. Building PIXAL a body was, in her eyes, the only important task at the moment.
Cyrus had lent her his original blueprints for PIXAL, with PIXAL then telling Nya exactly how she wanted her new body to be. "Like my original one, but I would like the chance to know what being more 'human' is like," she had said.
With those instructions in mind, Nya started her work in the bridge of the Bounty. She did everything she could to ensure PIXAL was both as robotic and human-like as possible. She even took the liberty of installing several of the same defence mechanisms that Zane's body had, just to give her some sense of familiarity. Several kinds of synthetic and metallic material combinations later, and Nya had finally fin
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 2 0
Strange Affections (Ronin x Kai)
"I don't have any money!" Kai yelled. "I don't even have pockets!" Despite his harsh tone of voice, he felt his anxiety rising as another strand of Strangle Weed pinned his arm to his side. If he went under the water's surface now, there was no way he was getting back up on his own, and he wished Ronin could see it that way, as well.
"Everyone's got something!" Ronin said, not making any move to help him. "'Cause of you, my shop's destroyed!"
"We didn't destroy it! You did!" He regretted his words as soon as he said them, searching for something else to say as Ronin turned away.
"Okay, your loss!" His airship turned in the opposite direction, and began to fly off as more Strangle Weed wrapped itself around Kai. He could feel each strand trying to drag him off the pole he stood on, and knew it wouldn't be long before he went under. Just as his feet started to slip, he finally had an idea.
"Wait!" he called as loudly as he could. "There is something!"
The beeping sound R.E.X. made as it
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 1 0
Burn (Kai x Skylor)
Kai hated the guilt he felt ever since Zane died. It burned inside him like an uncontrollable fire, one that could never be extinguished no matter what. Not when he joined the underground fighting ring, not when Lloyd brought them together to suggest bringing in a new team member, not when they received an invitation to some "Tournament of Elements" held on an island he'd never even heard of. If anything, all of this made the guilt in him burn at an even higher intensity.
When they waited in line to board the ferry to the island, he didn't expect much. In fact, the hope that Zane was actually on the island was barely more than a tiny flame on an even smaller candle. He wanted to believe Zane would be there, that he could make their team whole again, but the guilt had already eaten through him enough to make him think all was lost.
What he especially didn't expect, though, was her. The girl dressed in orange, most of her head and face obscured by a matching hood. He couldn't get a good
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On My Mind (Zane x Cole)
Cole and Jay watched from afar as their new teammate swung his sword awkwardly at the wooden dummy. The teen, named Zane, looked much older than them, at least eighteen. Cole and Jay, being younger than he was, were a bit nervous to speak to him at first. He seemed very distant, and his cold blue eyes never showed any kind of emotion. Sensei Wu told them he was just quiet, but Cole couldn't help but wonder if he even liked them.
Jay was the first to try speaking to Zane, trying to make a joke about how quiet he was. "I mean, you don't have to be nervous to talk to us," he had said. "Does the cat have your tongue or something?"
Instead of laughing like Jay expected him to, Zane simply shook his head. "I do not have a feline in my mouth," he replied, not even showing signs of a smile. "And my tongue is where it has always been."
The redhead cleared his throat awkwardly. "No, that was a joke, Zane. I just wanted to know why you're so quiet, and why you won't talk to us."
"Then why did you
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This Is The Future (Cole x Jay)
The mirrored walls of the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master didn't lie. They depicted exactly the future of whomever stared into them. Under no circumstances could anything like that ever change; every event that ever happened to an individual would always result in the same outcome seen on the walls. At least, that was what Jay thought.
Truth be told, he didn't want to admit that what he saw for his future could be true. He was perfectly fine with the eyepatch - in fact he was almost looking forward to donning such an accessory. Perhaps the moustache and goatee was a bit much, but he figured his opinion on facial hair would change in the future.
However, what Cole said about his own future was what unnerved Jay the most. The black ninja was unable to see his own reflection, and for the past week, he had been worrying himself sick over what it could mean. Jay at first was worried that Cole would die, but Zane suggesting that Cole was looking in the wrong place gave him an idea.
The ot
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Here For You (Garmadon x Misako)
It had been about five months since Misako decided to stop travelling Ninjago to stay with Wu and Garmadon at the monastery. Though the brothers were very tense with each other due to the evil spreading through Garmadon's veins, she was enjoying her time with them very much. When she wasn't helping them out with housework, she would train with them, which included having them teach her Spinjitzu.
However, in spending time with them, Misako came to feel something other than just a strong bond with them, something other than friendship. They treated her with nothing but respect, were strong and believed her to be the same, and they were, she had to admit, quite attractive. She felt so strongly about both of them that she started to wonder if they noticed.
Hopefully they haven't, she thought to herself over and over again. I wouldn't want something like this to split them apart even further.
That evening, she was helping Wu and Garmadon prepare dinner. The brothers had argue
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 3 0
Fire And Ice (Zane x Kai)
Kai leaned against the window, watching as tiny snowflakes drifted down slowly from the pale grey sky, his breath fogging up the glass. Everything was peaceful after Lloyd defeated the Overlord, and now he and Zane lived together in their own house just outside the city. The house wasn't very big, but it was comfortable enough for them both.
A pair of arms snaked around his waist, pulling him closer to the one behind him. Kai smiled and tilted his head back to look Zane in the eyes. "Hey."
"It is a lovely day, isn't it?" Zane observed, resting his chin on top of Kai's head. "Even more so now that Ninjago is safe once again."
Kai shrugged. "I dunno. Winter's never really been my favourite month. I always kinda liked summer more. Snow and I just don't mix." He shuddered when Zane's cold lips met with his forehead.
"And yet, you can tolerate me," Zane pointed out.
"Yeah, but you're ice. There's a difference," he playfully argued.
The blond chuckled and lifted Kai into the air, ignoring hi
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 3 5
Stitched Wishes cover by RainbowKandiKorn22 Stitched Wishes cover :iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 2 0
Sky's the Limit- Chapter 23
It took Soren a while to understand what exactly was going on once he woke up. He didn’t have any recollection of the events prior, and he couldn’t understand why he struggled to even open his eyes. In his current state, Soren could only tell that everything hurt. His head was pounding, his arms and legs burned with exhaustion, and his neck was throbbing. At that point, he remembered the fight that ensued earlier, and he groaned. The throbbing at his neck was the gash Grovyle left behind that rendered him incapable of speech.
His eyelids slowly parted, and he squinted to readjust to the bright light filling his vision. From the looks of things, he was back in his room at the Guild, lying on his bed. He looked to the side to Gina’s bed, feeling confused when he found she was nowhere to be seen. He began to sit up, wincing at the stinging sensation his wounds caused.
A soft humming was heard just outside the door, and he turned his head to see Chimecho approaching, her
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 0 0
Mature content
Sky's the Limit- Chapter 22 :iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 1 5
The Ninjabros by RainbowKandiKorn22 The Ninjabros :iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 6 13 New ID 2015 by RainbowKandiKorn22 New ID 2015 :iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 1 15
Sky's the Limit- Chapter 21
Gina and Soren stared at the Grass-type with wide eyes, unsure of what to do next. Grovyle, on the other hand, simply met each of their gazes confidently, his amber eyes clear and focused. He took a slow step forward.
Mesprit lifted her head shakily to meet his sharp gaze, yellow eyes burning with indignation. “And just who are you?!” she demanded.
“Grovyle,” he stated, his deep voice unwavering. “And I’m surprised this is the first you’ve heard of me. I seem to be the centre of everyone’s attention lately.” He paused to chuckle at the thought. “Now, I must apologize… But that Time Gear is mine.”
He sped forward, knocking Gina and Soren aside with a simple swipe of his claws, and stood in front of Mesprit, who refused to back down. “Please, stand aside.”
Even as she struggled to continue floating in the air, she shook her head. “N-never… You can’t-“ She yelped as he swatted her t
:iconrainbowkandikorn22:RainbowKandiKorn22 1 4
Feel free to look way back into my gallery, you know, if you want your eyes to set on fire.



My school's musical to be exact

And it was so much fun! Sure, the entirety of my time last week was spent sweating, changing into five different costumes, and wearing two different colours of lipstick over and over again, but I honestly had a great time. I think it also made me even more certain that I want to be an actress :D

And, of course, I'll be graduating soon

But I'm not going to university right away. I'll be staying behind for another semester, then I'll be looking for a job and working for the rest of that school year. THEN I'll be applying to university :3

Of course, here's to hoping I pass my Biology class! I sure hope I don't fail my exam in two weeks! :,D
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